Fantasies of a free spirit.

Bart Louman first discovered painting in the 80s on a beach while he was in Australia for a surf contest. His firsts works of art were windsurf boards painted with colorful natural shaped figures

As a pro windsurfer and ‘people person’ he has always been facinated with the way the mind operates and the creativity of a free spirit. As a mental coach of professionals that work in the international business world and professional sports, Bart has coached many managers and top athletes.

‘Follow your heart’ is what Bart has been telling his clients for years. He now lets his heart speak when creating a painting. Bart’s artwork are a reflection of a free spirit. A mind has good and bad sides and faces extreme challenges which are reflected in his artwork.

Passion is a feeling reflected in his artwork through paintings but also in painted objects such as skate and surfboards. Spontaneity in his work can be captivated by the viewer through their colorful naive forms and provocative writings. Bart is always looking for that one figment of that other spirit, his audience!