The motive of life.

Bart Louman is an artist, a free spirit and a highly developed human being.

Born in India, raised in Holland, Bart has been conditioned by a rich, multi cultural and spiritual world.

His paintings are pure - and intuitively brought back to their essence.
Essence in colour, in shapes and therefore, in Bart’s being.

The abstract emotion based forms that celebrate his paintings began to show up during Bart’s youth.
Bart paints while balancing between consciousness and intuitiveness: bringing about the energetic forms.

Ever since he was young he started drawing and painting these ''naive colorful forms''. He lets colour, space, naive shapes and spontaneous manifestations speak for themselves. The amoeba-like art forms in their canvas speak and communicate the meaning of life and various energetic relationships to the viewer.

Production: Off the Richter
Director & Camera: Yannick de Jager
Edit: Jagershots
Grading: Tim Padmos @OTR
Sound: Quincy Vlijtig